Residential Services

Proud to provide affordable services to home owners & letting agencies.

Scale may vary between commercial, industrial & residential budgets but our level of dilligence always remains the same.

We value each client equally irrespective of requirements & are proud to provide an expansive range of cleaning services for all premises. We offer hourly, monthly & contract terms individually tailored to suit your business.

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Residential Cleaning Services

We could all enjoy spending more quality time with our family & friends or pursuing leisure activities. In reality it's not always as simple to manage the pressures of work / life balance with home committments.

In addition to covering the usual household duties such as cleaning, laundry & ironing we also provide lifestyle services, including weekly & top up shopping, dog walking, collecting the children from school, meal preparation, car valeting & handyman services. Read our case study below to see how we improved life for one of our clients.

Residential Cleaning Enquiries and Case Study

"...Every day was a frantic juggling act between managing the house, the kids & the office - Dalziel have alleviated the panic leaving us time to relax & socialise more ..."

Flexible Service Examples

All our solutions are tailored individually to our client requirements & include our four hour weekly clean as standard. The examples below showcase our flexible & extenstive range of services which can be mixed & matched in order to provide the highest level of attention required.
To discuss your tailored service plan, please contact us!

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Platinum Plus
Weekly Clean - 4hrs+ Weekly Clean - 4hrs+ Weekly Clean - 4hrs+
Tailored, professional
and bespoke service
specific to your needs.

To take advantage
of platinum plus service
please call or email
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Surfaces & Flooring Surfaces & Flooring Surfaces & Flooring
Handyman Service Handyman Service Handyman Service
- Fresh Flower Spread Fresh Flower Spread
- Steam Cleaning as Required Steam Cleaning as Required
Tailored Task Rotation Tailored Task Rotation -
- - Car Valeting
- - Degrease & Disinfect
- - Dog & Child Walking
- - External Surfaces & Standing
- - Interior Windows & Mirrors
- - Laundry & Ironing
- Pot Pourri Pot Pourri & Candles
- - Shopping & Meal Preparation
- - Grafitti & Gum Removal
- - Exterior Window Cleaning