Commercial Services

Perfect for all offices, hotel & leisure groups, events & sporting facilities.

Scale may vary between commercial, industrial & residential budgets but our level of dilligence always remains the same.

We value each client equally irrespective of requirements & are proud to provide an expansive range of cleaning services for all premises. We offer hourly, monthly & contract terms individually tailored to suit your business.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Dalziel commercial solutions are ideal for larger premises who require daily cleaning & includes weekly rotation of larger tasks to ensure all areas are managed effectively to the highest standards.

We offer three flexible commercial packages which can be fully tailored to suit your business scale, requirement & budget. Our products deliver outstanding results & contain no harmful chemicals, making them ideal for all publically attended spaces. Please contact us with any questions, we're only too happy to best advise your needs.

Commercial Cleaning Enquiries

"...very professional, not pushy. Dalziel noticed things we'd overlooked but have now taken on board. They've given us time to decide what was right for us. Very pleased ..."

Flexible Service Examples

All our solutions are tailored individually to our client requirements & include our four hour weekly clean as standard. The examples below showcase our flexible & extenstive range of services which can be mixed & matched in order to provide the highest level of attention required.
To discuss your tailored service plan, please contact us!

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icon image of a platinum seal
icon image of a platinum seal
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Platinum Plus
Weekly Clean - 4hrs+ Weekly Clean - 4hrs+ Weekly Clean - 4hrs+
Tailored, professional
and bespoke service
specific to your needs.

To take advantage
of platinum plus service
please call or email
Drew now to find out

Surfaces & Flooring Surfaces & Flooring Surfaces & Flooring
Handyman Service Handyman Service Handyman Service
- Fresh Flower Spread Fresh Flower Spread
- Steam Cleaning as Required Steam Cleaning as Required
- Pot Pourri Pot Pourri & Candles
Tailored Task Rotation Tailored Task Rotation -
- - Car Valeting
- - Degrease & Disinfect
- - External Surfaces & Standing
- - Interior Windows & Mirrors
- - Laundry & Ironing
- - Grafitti & Gum Removal
- - Polishing & waxing
- - Exterior Window Cleaning